Project Overview

To better serve the needs of the students at San Diego State University, the university is launching a new initiative called “my.SDSU” that will expand the integration of the university’s enterprise systems and enhance the student experience. At the core of this initiative is the implementation of the CSU Standard - the California State University System's instance of PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, a powerful student information system (SIS) designed to enhance the way students interact with the university and transform the student experience. The system will also enhance the experience of faculty and staff by allowing them greater access to more reliable data and support.

my.SDSU, the fully integrated project, will serve as the centralized gateway for the critical systems that SDSU students use on a daily basis. Ultimately, my.SDSU will result in drastic improvement to how SDSU recruits and supports students academically and financially while enhancing security, improving the user experience, and leveraging best practices and business processes. The project is also meant to improve our productivity and agility in the use of mobile and digital technologies, as well as overall data utilization to serve and meet the needs of students, faculty and staff.


The my.SDSU project is grounded in the following Guiding Principles:

  • Transform the Student Experience: Enhance the student experience through more student-centric and transparent processes. 
  • Adopt the CSU Standard: Adopt CSU technology Standards to provide a streamlined, cohesive front and back-end user experience that is aligned with CSU best practices. 
  • Adopt Leading Practices &  Business Processes: Adopt leading practices and business processes that improve effectiveness, access and efficiency.
  • Transform the Use and Availability of Data: Increase access to data in support of decision-making that tells the story of SDSU for current and future students. 
  • Foster Collaboration & Community Engagement: Facilitate inclusive communication & foster community involvement and trust for a people-centric implementation.

The Project is comprised of four phases: 

Discovery: The goals of this phase include reviewing the activities that have already been completed and the progress made on this project to date supplying a clear framework for how the project will continue to completion.

Design & Configure: The goals of this phase include completing the outstanding design and configuration work that was identified during the Discovery phase.

Validate: The goals of this phase include conducting preliminary testing to verify that the planned configuration and business processes are as expected.

Transition & Realize: The goals of this phase include deploying the new system and to effectively manage the transition from implementation to stabilization.