Project Timeline

All students will use a combination of WebPortal, AidLink, WebPortal – CashNet/Transact and my.SDSU in the Spring, Summer and Fall 2022 This means that, for a period between Spring 2022 and Fall 2022, we will have to help our students become familiar with understanding what system they should use for which semester. We have this high-level visual to share the changes, but have also created a bit of a legend/guide to allow for our students, faculty, staff and advisors to navigate these changes and systems.

Our Project is divided by go-lives – which indicates when new functionalities in the CSU Standard are turned on for the SDSU community. We are currently revising our project timeline to reflect a revised approach for the Fall 2022 semester (reflected above). 

For the Fall 2022 semester, students will utilize WebPortal for admissions, course enrollment and registration. Students will use my.SDSU for financial aid, student accounts, and payment of tuition and fees.

  • Go-Live 1: Our first go-live was structured around Financial Aid and personal information and occurred in November 2021.
    • Go-Live 1A: Go-Live 1A is focused on OnBase verification and occurred in December 2021. 
  • Go-Live 2: Our second go-live will also involve Financial Aid, as well as setting up Class Schedules and the Course Catalog. This occurred in January 2022.
    • Go-Live 2A: Go-Live 2A focused on the class schedule and instructor updates and occurred in February 2022. 
  • Go-Live 3: Our third go-live will involve Financial Aid Disbursements, Student Accounts and Charges, Advising, Enrollment, Reporting and Student Records.