How Do I Use my.SDSU Homepage Tiles?

August 2, 2022


When you log into my.SDSU, you will see a homepage with tiles. The tile navigation presents sets of links that allow you to quickly access various components such as Manage Classes, ID Lookup, Faculty Center, and other essential collections. 

Depending on your role, you may have access to some tiles.  


Note: Your screen may look different from the screenshots in this guide.

Watch Tutorial

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Watch this video to learn about the tiles on your homepage. 

Logging In

To log into my.SDSU, visit and select the log in option on the top of the page.

  1. Enter your SDSUid.
  2. Enter your password and complete the DUO authentication process.

    : If you are already logged into an SDSU application, like Canvas or Gmail, you may not be prompted to log in with your SDSUid or use DUO to authenticate your account.

  3. Choose whether you want to stay signed in. 

my.SDSU Sign in

my.SDSU Homepage

Note: Your screen may look different from the screenshots in this article. You may not have access to some features. 

This is your landing page after successfully logging in.

manage classes and ID lookup tile

Banner Buttons

The standard banner includes four buttons located in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Home Button

Home Return to the homepage from any screen

Global Search

Global Search The search function can help you quickly find a page without going through the multi-step navigation menu.

Action List

Actions List
Access available actions for your current window. These actions may include Help, Add to Favorites, and Signing Out.

Navigation Bar

Navigation Bar (NavBar) Access navigation options such as the Community Center.


Navigation Bar

The Navigation Bar (NavBar) provides options to help with my.SDSU navigation.

Select the NavBar icon in the upper right right-hand corner of the screen to begin. Once opened you will be presented with the NavBar:

Nav Bar illustrations location of navbar button


Recent Places
Displays the last five pages you visited.

My Favorites

My Favorites
Provides the option of adding pages you frequently visit for quick and easy access.


Provides access to the navigation menu that features modules such as, but not limited to: Campus Community, Student Records, Admissions, Student Financials, & Financial Aid.


Note: Advisors and Staff may be more likely to use this feature. The Navigator lists all modules including the Campus Community, which is an essential section for reviewing and updating student information.

To access the Navigator, select the NavBar icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Learn how to use the Navigator.


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