Frequently Asked Questions


PeopleSoft is a suite of integrated software systems provided by the company Oracle. PeopleSoft is one of the leading enterprise software systems for businesses and higher education and is widely utilized by corporations and universities across the country including all CSU campuses. There are three main systems under the PeopleSoft umbrella -- Human Resources Management Systems, Financial Management Solutions, and Campus Solutions. This system is utilized in different ways throughout the California State University campuses to meet different needs. The software will provide support for student and financial systems on the San Diego State University

PeopleSoft is the technology system we will be using. The CSU Standard/CMS Baseline is the name of the PeopleSoft Campus Solutions tool designed to support student services based on CSU System requirements and policies.

my.SDSU is the project to implement the CMS Standard. my.SDSU will enhance the experience of our students, faculty, and staff, and improve the recruitment and admissions process and the financial aid system, with the potential to enhance other core functional elements supporting student retention and success. my.SDSU is responsive to the growing web and digital ecosystem and will transform the experience that prospective and enrolled students have at SDSU.

The updated project timeline is now posted under the Project Timeline page. The my.SDSU Cross Project Team contributed their expertise and feedback in these sessions, and their input will be used to collaboratively develop a final plan detailing all of the requirements to meet complete the implementation of the CSU Standard. 

Incoming Students: Incoming students will use WebPortal to register for their Fall 2022 courses. They will use my.SDSU to view their student accounts and charges and accept their financial aid for the Fall 2022 - Spring 2023 academic year. 

Continuing Students: Continuing students will use WebPortal to register for their Fall 2022 courses. They will use my.SDSU to view their student accounts and charges and accept their financial aid for the Fall 2022 - Spring 2023 academic year. Continuing students will also use current systems to register for their Spring and Summer 2022 courses, view their student accounts and charges for Spring and Summer 2022, and accept their financial aid for the Summer 2022 term. 

Staff will leverage my.SDSU for the Fall 2022 term and beyond for: student enrollment and registration, student accounts and charges, financial aid, and admissions. 

Note: See below for information about training and access. 

Admissions will continue to be done through WebPortal/SIMSR for students starting in at SDSU in Fall 2022 and Spring 2023. These students will pay their Intent to Enroll through WebPortal. 

Financial Aid will not be processed until March 2022. Incoming students will receive their financial aid awards in my.SDSU in April 2022. Continuing students will receive their financial aid awards in my.SDSU in May 2022.  

Applicants will see their financial aid award in my.SDSU once they have accepted admission to SDSU, submitted their Intent to Enroll in WebPortal, and selected SDSU as their institution in their FAFSA application. 

The Aztec Scholarships General Application will open in Spring 2022 for awards in the 2022-2023 academic year. Please note that review periods will not remain the same due to the my.SDSU implementation, but a firm timeline will be made available through the Student Financial Center.

In Fall 2022, SDSU will also change from a Pre-Pay to a Post-Pay university model. 

As a Pre-Pay university, all students - with the exception of those who have been awarded a financial aid fee postponement - had to pay Basic Tuition and Fees prior to registering for upcoming terms.

In Fall 2022, SDSU will transition to a Post-Pay university. All students will be charged their exact amount after their Fall 2022 registration, including a breakdown of costs for university charges and tuition. 

This change will not impact the Promise to Pay installment plan. Additionally, Transact (formerly known as CashNet) will still process your payments; however, students will need to set up access for any financial guardian responsible for charges and payments in my.SDSU.

Students will receive access to their student accounts and charges one to two business days after enrolling for the Fall 2022 semester. 

Students will use my.SDSU for Fall 2022 for tuition and charges. 

August 15, 2022 is the due date for Fall 2022: 

    • Basic tuition and fees
    • Payment plan sign up and down payment
    • Non-resident tuition for out of state and foreign students
    • Professional program fees

Through my.SDSU, the student will be able to get linked to Transact (formerly CashNet). Parents and guardians will not have access to my.SDSU, but will be able to make payments in Transact.

Each student will have three ID types associated with their student accounts.

  • RedID: Number that starts with an 8 and will show up as a Local Campus ID in my.SDSU
  • EMPLID: my.SDSU-specific number that starts with a 1 and will show up as an ID in my.SDSU
  • SDSUid: Email address used for login across other systems

my.SDSU will allow staff, faculty and advisors to search for students using any of these IDs. For more information on identification numbers, please see the following navigation guide.

Any new student who applies and is admitted through SIMS/WebPortal will still get a RedID (starts with an 8) generated. This applies to students starting at SDSU in Fall 2022 and Spring 2023. 

After this, students will be admitted through my.SDSU and will then get a number generated with a 1 (instead of the current RedID) for the Fall 2023 semester.

Yes. Students will use my.SDSU and WebPortal as they for the Fall 2022 semester. 

The following systems are changing to my.SDSU: AidLink, WebPortal.

The following systems will remain the same:

  • Canvas, CashNet (Transact), Google Suite, Handshake, HealtheConnect, OnBase, SDSU Email, SDSU Navigate, StarRez, and Aztec Scholarships.


There is a CMS-delivered page in my.SDSU that displays information about students' FWS eligibility, positions, and earnings to date. If campus hiring managers or other staff who do not already have access to this page in my.SDSU need access to this information, they should reach out to the my.SDSU security team to understand the best approach to make this information available.

We are developing training materials for the broader campus (Deep Dive Workshops) and for students, faculty, and staff (End-User Training). We will also be holding Train the Trainer sessions for community members that will be using the CSU Standard heavily on a daily basis. 

Resources are available through the Training tab for Faculty, Staff, Advisors and Students

Access to information is being designed based on business processes and the need to see information. We will need more information about who is looking to see information and for what purpose, then will need to follow-up with our functional leads. As we get closer to our first go-live, if you have any concerns about access, please email our project email at [email protected]

This initiative is in response to President Adela de la Torre’s commitment to strengthening the university’s Information Technology (IT) resources, cybersecurity, and data integrity. The my.SDSU initiative is to expand the integration of the university’s enterprise systems and enhance the student experience. At the core of this initiative is the implementation of PeopleSoft, a powerful student information system designed to enhance the way students interact with the university -- from admission to enrollment, payment to financial aid, mobile app and more. The system will also enhance the experience of faculty and staff, such as access to more reliable data and support.

Yes. PeopleSoft is one of the leading Student Information Systems (SIS) in higher education, and is widely utilized by universities across the country including all CSU campuses. SDSU is implementing the CSU Standard - the CSU System's instance of PeopleSoft. SDSU is the last CSU System campus implementing the CSU Standard. 

PeopleSoft is a powerful and flexible system, and colleges and universities across the nation utilize PeopleSoft in different ways including admissions, enrollment, payments and financial aid disbursement, advising, thesis evaluation, graduation management, alumni donations and more.

Huron is our collaboration and implementation partner as we continue our implementation. The Huron team will provide SDSU with the needed groundwork that will ultimately lead toward a successful implementation that transforms the student lifecycle experience. 

Oracle owns and maintains PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. The CSU Chancellor's Offices owns and maintains CMS Baseline and is continuously reviewing business needs to determine if there is any need to build new functionality. In accordance with the guiding principle - Adopt the CSU Standard - we will look to the CSU Standard to guide any modifications to PeopleSoft. 

With all decisions, the first line of resolution is to have conversations with the Technical & Functional Leads to try to come to a solution at that level, followed by escalation to the project management office (PMO), then the my.SDSU Project Steering Committee. In the event that a resolution or solution is not reached, final approval for any decisions is given by the Executive Sponsors (CIO, Provost and Huron leadership) for this project.

There are several paths you can choose if you feel that your voice is not being heard: 

  • For questions and clarifications, you can email our project email- my (dot) sdsu (at) sdsu (dot) edu. We will collect these questions and share their answers through the FAQs section of the project website. 
  • You can also reach out to your Change Ambassador directly and ask them to share your questions with the People-centric Adoption team.
  • If you feel a risk is not being appropriately addressed, you can look at the my.SDSU Project Teams page, identify the team member most closely aligned to your area, and reach out directly to them with your concerns. 

my.SDSU Project Team members can bring forth questions and concerns to the Project Management Office and People-centric Adoption team, who will answer your question in a timely manner and escalate higher if necessary.