Update on my.SDSU, Faculty Training Available October 10

September 20, 2022

Dear SDSU Faculty and Staff,

We are writing to update you on the timing of the my.SDSU (PeopleSoft Campus Solutions) student information system transition, including new information about timing, training, and the my.SDSU website.

my.SDSU Student Information System Transition

Spring 2022 - Financial Aid and Tuition and Fee Payment
Our students began using my.SDSU last spring as part of our financial aid cycle. We are concluding that first cycle this month, with more financial aid awarded to SDSU students than at any time in SDSU history. The Student Financial Center also saw a record number of students and parents this summer. In August, the Student Financial Center assisted over 14,000 students and parents, a 43% increase from 2021. We appreciate the patience of our students as we have worked with them to learn a new system and as the campus moved to our first year of having students pay for tuition and fees after registration.

Spring 2023 – Student Course Registration
The next major milestone for students and faculty will be using my.SDSU to register for the Spring 2023 semester.  

SDSU's teams are finalizing our data validation efforts allowing us to launch my.SDSU for the Course Schedule and Advising in mid-October. Students and faculty will be able to view the Spring 2023 schedule in early October, and registration for students will begin November 28.

This registration timing is necessary to allow us to migrate data from my.SDSU into other vital tools that our advisors use including EAB Navigate and uAchieve Degree Audit.

2023 Admissions – Undergraduate and Graduate
The upcoming admissions cycle begins with our students applying for admission through Cal State Apply, starting October 1. Data from this system will load into my.SDSU to support our undergraduate and graduate admissions processes in the first week of October. In addition, my.SDSU will be used moving forward for the SDSU admissions process.

New my.SDSU Website

The my.SDSU project website has shifted from a project overview, and is now focused on providing training resources, FAQs, news and support channels for our faculty, students, and staff, as we move closer to implementation. Please check the my.SDSU project website regularly for up to date information.

Official Launch of my.SDSU and Training for Faculty 

Faculty and staff will be able to access my.SDSU on October 10
, 2022. Currently, our team is hard at work behind the scenes to prepare our support staff and bring you both in-person and online training resources, and guides that will help you smoothly transition to the new my.SDSU portal. We will provide a phased rollout of the training resources as they are developed, and many how-to resources can already be found on the my.SDSU website. 

In-Person Training Opportunities
In person, hands-on coaching, provided by our Instructional Technology Services (ITS) team, who supported campus during our COVID transition, will open to all faculty beginning October 10. The updated my.SDSU website will also contain a schedule of training topics, times and ways to register.

Online Training Opportunities
The new my.SDSU website contains "how to" videos and guides to help faculty view their class roster(s), upload grades, access the new electronic class schedule, and perform other essential functions. New content will be added as features and functionality become available.

Jerry Sheehan 
Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

Salvador Hector Ochoa, Ph.D.
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

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