Faculty Update on my.SDSU

September 27, 2022
As the campus begins our final transition to my.SDSU from WebPortal, we are writing to update you on upcoming changes to the WebPortal student information system. 

WebPortal Timeline in October

On Saturday, October 1, WebPortal data will "freeze." While data will continue to be viewable, it will not be updated as we synchronize this data with my.SDSU.

Beginning Saturday, October 1, data will begin converting from WebPortal to my.SDSU. As the conversion of data is complex, please note that during this period no updates to the student record will be made. 

The following WebPortal services will allow you to view legacy data from October 1 - 10: 
  • Faculty Evaluation Results: View and download historical evaluations for courses you have taught prior to the Fall 2022 academic year. 
  • View a report of Full-Time Equivalent Students (FTES) in a given academic year. 
  • Incomplete Agreement: Review your incomplete agreements with students prior to the Fall 2022 term.
  • Web Roster: View the official roster of courses you are teaching. 
On Monday, October 10, Web Roster will be removed from WebPortal since this will be available in my.SDSU. Faculty Evaluation Results, FTES (for Fall 2022 and all previous academic years) and Incomplete Agreements, will continue to be available through WebPortal Archive until August 2023. 

After August 2023, access to historical Faculty Evaluation Results and Incomplete Agreements from the 2021-22 academic year and all previous academic years, must be requested through the respective college or departmental coordinator.  

The my.SDSU website houses a helpful summary table of these upcoming, planned changes.

Please note that all WebPortal data will be archived, data will not be deleted.  

my.SDSU Implementation in October 

On October 10, all faculty will have access to the new my.SDSU system. While we are synchronizing and validating data between October 10 - 24, faculty services in my.SDSU will be limited to course and roster listings. 

Starting on October 24, faculty will have full student record functionality in my.SDSU to support registration, enrollment, and course management.

Training and Support for Faculty

We appreciate the complexity of the upcoming changes for the campus and for you as a valued faculty member. We will also be providing many training and support resources to assist with the transition.  

Additional information regarding the schedule of in-person and live online training opportunities, how-to videos and job aids, FAQs, and the process to request assistance is available at my.sdsu.edu/faculty

Jerry Sheehan 
Vice President for Information Technology

Salvador Hector Ochoa, Ph.D.
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
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