my.SDSU Final Transition Forthcoming & Update on SIMS/R

September 29, 2022

As a follow-up to our earlier message regarding the university’s final transition to the my.SDSU (PeopleSoft Campus Solutions) student information system, we are writing to update you on upcoming changes to SIMS/R. 

SIMS/R Timeline in October

In preparation for the transition, please make all final updates in SIMS/R by the end of the business on Friday, September 30.

On Saturday, October 1, SIMS/R will "freeze" and all SIMS/R accounts will be set to read-only. While data will continue to be viewable, it will no longer be updated as we convert and synchronize data with my.SDSU. 

Beginning Saturday, October 1, data for all students active in the fall 2022 semester will begin converting from SIMS/R to my.SDSU. The conversion of these student records will include their entire academic history. As the conversion is complex, during this time updates to the student record will not be made.

As previously shared, on Monday, October 10, my.SDSU will become the official campus student information system for all business and instructional processes.

Between October 10 - 24, additional data conversion and validation work will continue. Full academic records for fall 2022 students will become available in my.SDSU on Monday, October 24. On October 24, all adjustments and look-ups of all actively enrolled students will be conducted exclusively in my.SDSU. All new and future academic and student data will also only be available from my.SDSU.

Please note: All historical data will be archived in SIMS/R, not deleted or destroyed.  

The my.SDSU team is continuing their work to transition all system integrations and interfaces from SIMS/R to my.SDSU. If you have a system that requires updated student data after October 10 that is not already being transitioned, please submit a ticket in ServiceNow so we can engage with you.

Training and Support for Staff

We understand the impact this change may have on your daily operation, and appreciate your continued support of this major transition for the university. 

For more information on the university’s transition to my.SDSU, including guides and training resources to assist you with the usage of my.SDSU, or to seek support requesting historical data from SIMS/R, please visit the dedicated my.SDSU website at

Jerry Sheehan 
Vice President for Information Technology

Tony C. Chung
Associate Vice President for Enterprise Information Systems 
Information Technology Division

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