Your Spring Registration Appointment is Tomorrow, New Step-by-step Guide Available

November 30, 2022
We are writing to follow-up on our earlier communications regarding the use of my.SDSU for the Spring 2023 semester. Your registration appointment is scheduled for tomorrow and we wanted to assure you have our support information at the top of your inbox.

Registration Process-Check Your Date and Time

Please make sure to check your registration appointment time in my.SDSU. Information on how to find your registration appointment can be found in the Student Registration Guide referenced below.

Student Registration Guide

To support your Spring 2023 registration, a Student Registration Guide has been created. Please review that guide prior to your registration appointment.

As you add classes, please review the prerequisites for each desired class prior to adding it to your shopping cart. Lacking a prerequisite will not stop a course from appearing in the shopping cart, but you will be unable to add the class when it comes time to register.

Undergraduate students, remember to register for a 15-unit course load. Students who register for 15 units are more likely to succeed in their classes, far more likely to graduate on time, and save money on tuition and books thanks to timely graduation.

Other Information, Support Available

SDSU has dedicated team members to aid our campus community through this transition to my.SDSU. We also know that, as with any transition to a new system, there will be questions and there may be needs for additional solutions identified. University team members are here to help you along the way.

Please use the following resources:
We appreciate your patience as we work together, as a campus community, through the registration process and the continued adoption of my.SDSU.


Jerry Sheehan
Vice President for Information Technology
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