Student Update on my.SDSU

September 27, 2022
We are writing to update you on upcoming changes to the WebPortal as the campus begins our final transition to the my.SDSU student information system.

WebPortal Timeline in October

On Oct. 1, WebPortal data will "freeze." While data will continue to be viewable, it will not be updated as we synchronize this data with my.SDSU.

Beginning Saturday, October 1, data will begin converting from WebPortal to my.SDSU. This conversion is complex. It is important to note that during the conversion period, updates to the student record will not be made. 

During this transitional time, the following WebPortal services will remain available to all students from October 1 - 24:
  • Degree Evaluation: A personalized evaluation of what an individual student needs to graduate from SDSU.
  • Enrollment Verification: Allows a student to obtain verification of enrollment for a current or previously completed term at SDSU through the National Student Clearinghouse.
  • My Class Schedule: Allows a student to view their current enrollments, with details on days and times of instruction, and location of classes
  • My Grades: Allows a student to see their grading history of courses taken at SDSU, as well as any Incomplete Agreements.
  • Official Transcripts: Allows a student to order an official paper or PDF e-transcript of coursework completed at SDSU.
  • Unofficial Transcripts: Allows a student to view an unofficial version of their transcript, with history of coursework completed at SDSU.
These services will be removed from WebPortal on October 24. Please note: All historical data will be archived in WebPortal, not deleted or destroyed. 

On October 10, you will be able to once again access my.SDSU for student self-services, such as financial aid data and any tuition or bill payment. On October 24, your full academic records become available in my.SDSU. Registration for Spring 2023 courses will begin on November 28.

Additional information dedicated for students, guides on how to use my.SDSU and how to seek support can be found at We hope this improved student portal will enhance your overall academic experience.  

Jerry Sheehan 
Vice President for Information Technology
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