Transition from Sims/R & WebPortal to my.SDSU

October 5, 2022

Timeline of Advisors & Faculty transiton from WebPortal to mysdsu

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Oct. 1-25

SIMS/R & WebPortal

Oct. 1-25

During the transition no updates can be made to student records due to the need to synchronize data across systems. As such, though the following can be submitted to the Office of the Registrar, they should be held for processing until 10/26 and thereafter:

  • Late Schedule Changes (adds, drops/withdrawals, grading basis)
  • Retroactive Withdrawals/Adds
  • Major Changes
  • Grade Changes
  • Leave of Absence requests
  • Name Changes


SIMS/R & WebPortal

Oct. 1

Data conversion begins.

Oct. 1-26

  • Unofficial transcripts are available through SIMS/R & WebPortal through October 25. These will reflect the student's record as of the end of day September 30.
  • Degree Evaluations are available through SIMS/R & WebPortal through October 25.
  • Student Registration Information.


Oct. 10

my.SDSU access is ready for student self-services, such as financial aid data and any tuition or bill payment.

Oct. 26

Full academic records become available.



Oct. 26

Conversion is Complete!
Student registration appointments will be available in my.SDSU.

Nov. 28 

Registration for Spring 2023.

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