Upcoming Events

The my.SDSU Project Team will share upcoming events through this webpage. Please see the Prior Events page for events held in the past (ex. our September 1st Town Hall). 

my.SDSU Roadshows

The my.SDSU Cross Project team is holding my.SDSU Roadshow between November 15th and December 15th. A schedule is included below. If you have any questions, please contact your my.SDSU Change Ambassador about Zoom information for a my.SDSU Roadshow or to schedule a my.SDSU Roadshow for your team.

Group or Organization my.SDSU Change Ambassadors Date Time
Student Financial Center Rose Pasenelli, Kari Hooker 11/19/21 8:15 AM
Fowler College of Business David Ely, Sarah Mercado 11/29/21 8:45 AM
College of Arts & Letters Brenda Wills, Heather Saunders-Harbaugh 11/29/21 1:00 PM
SDSU Ambassadors Frankie Velasquez, Sydney Crabtree 11/29/21 3:00 PM
Analytic Studies & Institutional Research Arthur Pasternak 11/30/21 9:15 AM
Imperial Valley Campus Susana Lopez 12/1/21 9:00 AM
Global Campus Tanya Origel 12/1/21 10:00 AM
College of Health & Human Services Claire Norberg, Karin Whited,
Patricia Abella, Wendy Sandoval
12/1/21 2:00 PM
Aztec Shops Jahan Jamshidi 12/2/21 8:00 AM
Registrar's Office Chesalie Loach, Heather Foster, Kim Macias,
Marita Gubbe, Nicole Reed,
Quyen Grant, Stephanie Anderson
12/3/21 8:15 AM
College of Engineering Ollin Balderas, Robert Guzman 12/3/21 1:00 PM
Business & Financial Affairs Matias Farre 12/3/21 1:30 PM
Faculty Advancement & Student Success Brenda Diaz, Kathy Sweetman
Michelle Knowlton,
12/6/21 10:00 AM
Library Josie Acevedo 12/6/21 1:00 PM
International Student Center
& Global Engagement Office
Chris Kjonaas, Ricky Paniagua 12/6/21 2:00 PM
Learning Environments, Technologies & User Services Sean Hauze 12/6/21 3:00 PM
New Student & Parent Programs Frankie Velasquez 12/7/21 2:00 PM
Career Services Jill Lackey 12/8/21 10:00 AM
Educational Opportunity Programs & Ethnic Affairs Victoria Cafasso 12/9/21 10:00 AM
College of Professional Studies & Fine Arts Advisors Angie Parkhurst, Jennelyn Sustal 12/13/21 2:00 PM
Student Affairs & Campus Diversity Rose Pasenelli, Janet Castro,  12/14/21 9:00 AM
College of Education Coordinators Elsa Tapia 12/15/21 10:00 AM
College of Professional Studies
& Fine Arts Coordinators
Angie Parkhurst, Jennelyn Sustal 12/15/21 11:00 AM