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SDSU Navigate (EAB)

Submit a help ticket from the SDSU Navigate website.

Submit an approval request from the SDSU Navigate website.

Self-enroll in the CANVAS Faculty/Staff Advising Homeroom, which provides written guides and video tutorials. Sign into CANVAS and then use the following link to enroll in SDSU Navigate Training.

Please check in with your supervisor, colleagues, or SDSU Navigate Area Expert to see if they can answer your question. If they can't, please submit a help ticket in the SDSU Navigate (EAB) Help Ticket system.


Please submit an Access Request Form.

An activation email was sent to the personal email address you provided to SDSU. The message was branded with the SDSU Logo and was sent from [email protected]. If you cannot locate the email, please make sure it was not sent to SPAM. Please reference this SDSUid Activation Page for more information. 

Both the SDSU Human Resources system and my.SDSU use the same domain space ( Therefore, you cannot access both systems in the same browser session. 

To use both systems at the same time, you can use one browser type for my.SDSU (e.g., Google Chrome) and a different browser for HR (e.g., Firefox) to avoid this error. Alternatively, you can login with Incognito/Private Browsing mode or clear your browser’s cache.

For questions and clarifications, you can email [email protected].

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