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SDSU offers multiple academic support systems to include advising about general education, major, minor, and other degree requirements, in addition to supporting students' overall success. Visit the Seeing an Advisor web page for contact information. 

If you are concerned about or need a disability and/or medical-related academic accommodation, please contact the Student Ability Success Center (SASC). The SASC will work with you on your request to receive appropriate academic accommodations.

Registration will take place in my.SDSU starting on Monday, Nov 28.

You will be able to enroll once your appointment window begins. The Office of the Registrar has provided instructions on how to view your registration information.

Please refer to their registration page for more information including their contact information if you need assistance.

Priority registration will not change with the switch to my.SDSU.

Once you receive your registration appointment window, you may begin planning your schedule by adding classes to your shopping cart. You will be able to directly enroll in or wait list the classes you have selected from your shopping cart during your registration window.

The shopping cart can be found in the Manage Classes tile on the my.SDSU homepage.

Please see the How do I search for classes? guide to learn how to search for classes using the advanced search features and filters.

You can search for upper division or graduate level courses by using the Additional ways to search option. Choose a subject using the drop-down arrow, then add the number for the course level you are looking for in the Catalog Number field and search. For example, to search for all the 600 level Art courses select Art from the drop-down menu and type 6 in the Catalog Number field then click Search.  You will now see all 600 level Art courses being offered for the term you are currently searching in.

Please refer to the my.SDSU Student Registration Guide for step-by-step guidance on how to add classes to your shopping cart and register.

Please contact the Office of the Registrar if you need assistance.

Make certain that you are eligible to take all classes in your cart. If certain classes are not processed for registration, you may not meet the eligibility criteria for the course (e.g. course requisite. Read the enrollment error message carefully for more information. For assistance with registration, contact the Office of the Registrar.

Note, the Office of the Registrar cannot override course requisites. If you would like to discuss an exception to a course requirement, contact the department offering the course.

Students may not be able to register until all holds and tasks have been cleared. Not all holds can be cleared by the Office of the Registrar. 

Step 3 of the Registration Guide provides instructions on how to review and handle registration holds and tasks in my.SDSU. View the hold details to determine what needs to be done and who to contact for assistance for a given hold.  

Holds are not cleared in real time; the soonest a hold can clear would be 24 hours. To see if a hold can be cleared sooner you must contact each office individually to see if they can release the hold in real-time.

The Office of the Registar provides information about what the waitlist is and how to get on it.

Please contact the Office of the Registrar if you need assistance.

my.SDSU uses a first-come, first-served waitlist ranking system, so when space in a class opens up, the next student on the waitlist will be automatically enrolled in it. You will not be enrolled from the waitlist if you are already in another section of the same course or you are already in a class at the same time as the one the waitlist is attempting to add.This process will run through January 24, 2023. From January 25–31, 2023, enrollment in open seats is not automatic or guaranteed. Students must obtain permission numbers (individual codes allowing registration) from instructors to add classes during this period.

Yes, but we encourage students to enroll in classes during their registration window to optimize the likelihood of accessing the courses that they need to make timely degree progress.

While there are opportunities for cross-enrollment, students are not permitted to enroll in classes at other campuses without special permission. See your academic advisor to discuss options. Please note that San Diego and Imperial Valley students enrolling in Global Campus courses will incur additional tuition and fees.

GE filters should be selected individually. If you have more than one GE filter selected, we recommend only selecting one at a time for the most accurate results. Always rely on the University Catalog and your degree evaluation to confirm whether a course will satisfy a GE area.

Academic Records 

Academic Records - Office of the Registrar

There is a Degree Evaluation tile available in your my.SDSU homepage.

Click on the Degree Evaluation tile to view it. If you are also an SDSU employee, you must use your student SDSUid and password to access your degree evaluation.

Review Understanding the Degree Evaluation or contact the Office of the Registrar for more information.

Note: If you experience issues accessing or loading the degree evaluation tile, please try clearing your browser's cache, switch browsers, and/or use private browsing mode.

Students can view their unofficial transcript or order an official transcript in my.SDSU through the Academic Records tile.

Alumni will continue to use WebPortal Archive to view transcripts and access Student Account Services. More information about transcripts.

Please contact the Office of the Registrar if you need assistance.

Although this functionality is currently not available in my.SDSU, visit the Registrar's website for information on how to apply for graduation.

Please contact the Office of the Registrar for more information.

Please contact the Office of the Registrar for more information.

Please contact the Office of the Registrar for more information.

You can update your personal contact information in my.SDSU by going to the Profile Tile and selecting Contact Details.

Your display name (legal or preferred) can be changed through the Office of the Registrar.


Admissions – Office of Admissions 

Please visit Apply to SDSU and select your status (Undergraduate Admissions, International Students, or Veterans & Service Members.)

Please use the Admissions tile on the my.SDSU homepage to check the status of your SDSU admissions application. Use the Tasks tile to review any checklist items (To Do’s) you need to complete.

More information about your next steps can be found at Application Admission Status.

If you have questions about your application status please contact the Prospective Student Center in the Office of Admissions. Their contact information and a link to their Virtual Office Hours can be found on the Admissions website.

Financial Accounts

The deadline for spring 2023 tuition is January 11, 2023. Students who do not submit payment by this date may be dropped from their classes. For additional information, contact Student Account Services.

Students and their families will be making payments in Transact (formerly CashNet). my.SDSU will give students a summary of their charges, but payment will be made in Transact.

Note: Transact will not be updated with any anticipated aid, so students should refer to my.SDSU to understand the charges they owe. The amount in my.SDSU is the amount the student/family/parents should pay in Transact.

Transact will be used to make the following payments:

  • Basic tuition and fees
  • Payment plan sign up and down payment
  • Non-resident tuition for out of state and foreign students
  • Professional program fees
  • On-campus housing installments

For additional information, visit Student Account Services.

Please visit Student Financial Center for:

  • Deadlines and key dates
  • Basic tuition and fees
  • Payment plan sign up and down payment
  • Non-resident tuition for out of state and foreign students
  • Professional program fees

If someone other than the student will be paying the bills, a Payer Account may be created, allowing the individual to make payments to SDSU on the student’s behalf.

Please see the Set Up an Alternate Payer guide for instructions.

For additional information, please visit New Students and Parents, under "Parents & Privacy (FERPA).”


Each student will have three ID types associated with their student accounts.

  • RedID: Number that starts with an 8 and will show up as a Local Campus ID in my.SDSU
  • EMPLID: my.SDSU-specific number that starts with a 1 and will show up as ID in my.SDSU
  • SDSUid: Email address used for login across other systems

my.SDSU will allow staff, faculty and advisors to search for students using any of these IDs. For more information on identification numbers, please see the following navigation guide.

Information on how to apply for campus housing, including deadlines, can be found on the Housing website.

Please contact the Office of Housing Administration & Residential Education for more information.

PeopleSoft is a suite of integrated software systems provided by the company Oracle. PeopleSoft is one of the leading enterprise software systems for businesses and higher education and is widely utilized by corporations and universities across the country including all CSU campuses. There are three main systems under the PeopleSoft umbrella -- Human Resources Management Systems, Financial Management Solutions, and Campus Solutions. This system is utilized in different ways throughout the California State University campuses to meet different needs. The software will provide support for student and financial systems on the San Diego State University.

my.SDSU is the name for the initiative to enhance the experience of our students, faculty, and staff, and improve the recruitment and admissions process and the financial aid system, with the potential to enhance other core functional elements supporting student retention and success. my.SDSU is responsive to the growing web and digital ecosystem and will transform the experience prospective and enrolled students have at SDSU.

The transition timeline for my.SDSU is outlined under the Transition from WebPortal to my.SDSU news article.

The my.SDSU initiative is to expand the integration of the university’s enterprise systems and enhance the student experience. At the core of this initiative is the implementation of PeopleSoft, a powerful student management information system designed to enhance the way students interact with the university -- from admission to enrollment, payment to financial aid, mobile app and more. The system will also enhance the experience of faculty and staff, such as access to more reliable data and support.

More information is available at Why Change to my.SDSU?

Yes. PeopleSoft is one of the leading Student Management Information Systems in higher education, and is widely utilized by universities across the country including all CSU campuses. PeopleSoft is a powerful and flexible system, and colleges and universities across the nation utilize PeopleSoft in different ways including admissions, enrollment, payments and financial aid disbursement, advising, thesis evaluation, graduation management, alumni donations and more.

With all decisions, the first line of resolution is to have conversations with the technical and functional leads to try to come to a solution at that level, followed by escalation to the project management office (PMO), then the my.SDSU Project Steering Committee. In the event that a resolution or solution is not reached, final approval for any decisions is given by the Executive Sponsors (CIO, Provost and Huron leadership) for this project.

There are several paths you can choose if you feel that your voice is not being heard:

  • For questions and clarifications, you can email [email protected]. We will collect these questions and share their answers through the FAQs section of the project website.

  • If you feel a risk is not being appropriately addressed, you can look at the my.SDSU Project Teams page, identify the team member most closely aligned to your area, and reach out directly to them with your concerns.

    my.SDSU Project Team members can bring forth questions and concerns to the Project Management Office and People-centric Adoption team, who will answer your question in a timely manner and escalate higher if necessary.

my.SDSU Project

For general project inquiries, contact us at [email protected] To get immediate help, please choose the appropriate support link to the right.

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