Frequently Asked Questions

For Staff

Please read Registration Resources for Advisors, Faculty, and Staff for the registration procedure timeline and additional registration guidance and tutorials, including but not limited to the following topics:

  • Student Services Center Information
  • Student Specific Permissions
  • Waitlist
  • General Class Permission Information 
  • Service Indicators/Holds
  • Change of Major Information
  • Student Registration Resources
  • Prerequisites and Enforcement
  • Quick Links to Forms

Students apply for admission through a tool called Cal State Apply. Data from this application will then be loaded into my.SDSU for use in our undergraduate and graduate admissions process.

Access to my.SDSU can be requested via an online web form. Requests for access to my.SDSU features are reviewed by the SDSU project leadership team prior to being assigned.

All payment activity takes place via an external payment system known as Transact (formerly CashNet). Parents and families do not have access to my.SDSU, but will be able to make payments in Transact.

Instructions to make payments and set up an alternate payer in Transact can be found on the Student Training Resources and Video Tutorials page.

If you have any questions, please contact the Student Financial Center.

Note: please ensure that your pop-up blocker is disabled when using my.SDSU and Transact.

Course Evaluation / Student Feedback

Students will receive an email from “[email protected]” to their student SDSU email address prompting them to complete their feedback surveys. They will also be prompted to access their feedback surveys in Canvas via direct messaging and a link on the navigation bar.

Each staff member can access the dashboard and report areas via this link: You may initially be asked to authenticate using Duo.

Students will not receive a survey for any classes where only one student is enrolled, such as thesis or independent study. If you don’t see survey results for a class with multiple students, please contact [email protected].

We recommend that users clear their cache, use a different browser, or use a different device to avoid technical issues.

Yes, completion and submission are voluntary.

Yes. WebPortal surveys will not be transferred to Explorance. 

All staff will have access to the legacy version of WebPortal Archive until August 2023. If you need access to prior evaluations past this date, you will need to make a request for this information. We strongly recommend that staff download their evaluations as soon as possible to avoid any delays.


Please submit an Access Request Form.

An activation email was sent to the personal email address you provided to SDSU. The message was branded with the SDSU Logo and was sent from [email protected]. If you cannot locate the email, please make sure it was not sent to SPAM. Please reference this SDSUid Activation Page for more information. 

Both the SDSU Human Resources system and my.SDSU use the same domain space ( Therefore, you cannot access both systems in the same browser session. 

To use both systems at the same time, you can use one browser type for my.SDSU (e.g., Google Chrome) and a different browser for HR (e.g., Firefox) to avoid this error. Alternatively, you can log in with Incognito/Private Browsing mode or clear your browser’s cache.

For questions and clarifications, you can email [email protected]


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