my.SDSU is a project to enhance our ability to serve students through a coordinated and singular web portal, streamlined admissions and financial aid processes, and dramatically improved connectivity and accessibility of campus systems.

Through the expanded integration of PeopleSoft, an enterprise system and software solution, the project is being designed to also enhance the experiences of students, faculty and staff. PeopleSoft is the dominant software solution in higher education to support the technical and functional processes of admissions, student enrollment, payments and financial aid disbursement, graduation management, and more. The system will also enhance the experience of students by being fully mobile responsive, and of faculty and staff by allowing them greater access to more reliable data and support.

This is a complex multi-year project, and we do not anticipate full adoption prior to the fall of 2022 to ensure proper planning, development, integration and communication. The university is early in the process and will be spending the summer developing teams, defining the project scope and planning for campus involvement.