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To better serve the needs of the students at San Diego State University, the university is launching my.SDSU (prononuced "my-sdsu"): a new initiative that will expand the integration of the university’s enterprise systems and enhance the student, staff, and advisor experience, by providing greater access to more reliable data and support.

my.SDSU is the official online portal for student admissions, student records, financial aid, tuition and fee payment, and more. In other words, my.SDSU is our new student information management system. Learn more about the why we are changing to my.SDSU.

Important information - October 26th:

  • All features and roles will be configured.
  • Data will be current.
  • Public Schedule is available online at

my.SDSU Engagement Calendar

The my.SDSU Engagement Calendar includes all relevant my.SDSU milestone dates, outreach presentations, and support training sessions.

Please use the +Google Calendar icon on the bottom right of the calendar to add to your work calendar!

Navigating the Staff Resources & Guides

The Staff section offers various support channels for your convenience. 

Upon selecting the Staff button, you will see the following resources as you scroll down the page:

my.SDSU Guides & Resources 

Image for educational purposes only
Staff resources
  • Getting Started
    (You are here now!)

  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Review the most commonly asked questions from Staff. These FAQs are regularly updated. If you don't see your question, please submit a my.SDSU ServiceNow ticket

  • Why Change to my.SDSU?
    This section explains why we are transitioning to my.SDSU.

  • All Staff Guides
    "Just-in-time" tutorials to quickly provide you support. Each guide features text/graphics and a brief closed-captioned video. Thank you for your patience as the videos require time to closed caption and upload. 

Staff Support

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Staff Support Tiles
  • ServiceNow
    Submit a ServiceNow ticket if you are unable to find the answers to your questions in the Staff Guides or Frequently Asked Questions (this section is regularly updates thanks to your ticket submissions!) 

  • Virtual FIT Center
    Virtual FIT staff can guide you in finding the answers to your questions or connect you with the experts via a my.SDSU ServiceNow Ticket. Note: virtual FIT support are not experts of my.SDSU. If virtual FIT is unable to locate the answer your to your inquiry, a my.SDSU ServiceNow ticket will be submitted. 

  • Change Ambassadors
    These active champions can provide answers to general questions. 

Introduction to my.SDSU

Please review the following guides in this order.


Note: Your screen may look different from the screenshots in this article.

The my.SDSU portal is available on

my.SDSU is role-based and will provide the user with the correct login screen. This means if you are faculty, you will have access to features that faculty regularly use.  

If you hold more than one role on campus, for example, if you are both faculty and an advisor, you will have access to features that support faculty and advisor tasks. 


  1. Visit to access the my.SDSU portal.

  2. You have two options to log into my.SDSU:
    In the upper-right of the site, there is a “my.SDSU - Login here” button:

    Faculty Staff Login
    Or you may scroll down the page to the my.SDSU Login button:

    Faculty Staff Login

  3. Select the my.SDSU Login button. 

    Note: When logging in, you may see a message, “Please wait while we log you into the Student System…”

    Faculty Staff Login
    my.SDSU is a
    student information management system. All faculty and staff must access the student system to view and manage student records.


Learn about the my.SDSU Homepage tiles. 


Note: Your screen may look different from the screenshots in this article.

Watch Tutorial

View Time | 1:46 Mins

Watch this video to learn about the base tiles on your homepage. 

Logging In

To log into my.SDSU, visit and select the log in option on the top of the page.

  1. Enter your SDSUid.
  2. Enter your password and complete the DUO authentication process.

    : If you are already logged into an SDSU application, 
    like Canvas or Gmail, you may not be prompted to log in with your SDSUid or use DUO to authenticate your account.

  3. Choose whether you want to stay signed in. 

my.SDSU Sign in

my.SDSU Homepage

Note: Your screen may look different from the screenshots in this article. You may not have access to some features. 

This is your landing page after successfully logging in.

manage classes and ID lookup tile

Banner Buttons

The standard banner includes four buttons located in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

~[com[7329 1 3{ "version": 3, "data": {"092e719c1515021003ddef274c72d919":"Home Button","0eb0a7ba126a95e938986a475b6e7c81":"/_images/articles/general-navigation-03-button-home.png","2cddef69f0a10a627810cf54514a564c":"","9296245625e496f17142ee4b0fb0fea6":"left"}}]]~
Home Return to the homepage from any screen

~[com[7329 2 3{ "version": 3, "data": {"092e719c1515021003ddef274c72d919":"Global Search","0eb0a7ba126a95e938986a475b6e7c81":"/_images/articles/general-navigation-04-button-global-search.png","2cddef69f0a10a627810cf54514a564c":"","9296245625e496f17142ee4b0fb0fea6":"left"}}]]~
Global Search The search function can help you quickly find a page without going through the multi-step navigation menu.

~[com[7329 3 3{ "version": 3, "data": {"092e719c1515021003ddef274c72d919":"Action List","0eb0a7ba126a95e938986a475b6e7c81":"/_images/articles/general-navigation-05-button-actions.png","2cddef69f0a10a627810cf54514a564c":"","9296245625e496f17142ee4b0fb0fea6":"left"}}]]~
Actions List
Access available actions for your current window. These actions may include Help, Add to Favorites, and Signing Out.

~[com[7329 4 3{ "version": 3, "data": {"092e719c1515021003ddef274c72d919":"Navigation Bar","0eb0a7ba126a95e938986a475b6e7c81":"/_images/articles/general-navigation-06-button-navbar.png","2cddef69f0a10a627810cf54514a564c":"","9296245625e496f17142ee4b0fb0fea6":"left"}}]]~
Navigation Bar (NavBar) Access navigation options such as the Community Center.


Navigation Bar

The Navigation Bar (NavBar) provides options to help with my.SDSU navigation.

Select the NavBar icon in the upper right right-hand corner of the screen to begin. Once opened you will be presented with the NavBar:

Nav Bar illustrations location of navbar button

~[com[7329 5 3{ "version": 3, "data": {"092e719c1515021003ddef274c72d919":"Recent","0eb0a7ba126a95e938986a475b6e7c81":"/_images/articles/general-navigation-08-icon-recent-places.png","2cddef69f0a10a627810cf54514a564c":"","9296245625e496f17142ee4b0fb0fea6":"left"}}]]~
Recent Places
Displays the last five pages you visited.

~[com[7329 6 3{ "version": 3, "data": {"092e719c1515021003ddef274c72d919":"My Favorites","0eb0a7ba126a95e938986a475b6e7c81":"/_images/articles/general-navigation-09-icon-my-favorites.png","2cddef69f0a10a627810cf54514a564c":"","9296245625e496f17142ee4b0fb0fea6":"left"}}]]~
My Favorites
Provides the option of adding pages you frequently visit for quick and easy access.

~[com[7329 7 3{ "version": 3, "data": {"092e719c1515021003ddef274c72d919":"asfjasjdf","0eb0a7ba126a95e938986a475b6e7c81":"/_images/articles/general-navigation-10-icon-navigator.png","2cddef69f0a10a627810cf54514a564c":"","9296245625e496f17142ee4b0fb0fea6":"left"}}]]~
Provides access to the navigation menu that features modules such as, but not limited to: Campus Community, Student Records, Admissions, Student Financials, & Financial Aid.


The Navigator lists all modules including the Campus Community, which is an essential section for reviewing and updating student information.

To access the Navigator, select the NavBar icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Learn how to use the Navigator.



The Public Class Schedule contains class information for the upcoming semester and is available to download from the my.SDSU website.


  1. Go to and select my.SDSU - Login Here on the top right of the page.

    my.SDSU portal login

  2. Select the Manage Classes tile.

    Manage Classes
  3. On the top left of the page, select Download Spring 23 Schedule.

    Download Spring 23 Schedule
  4. At the top left of the page next to Download results in, select Excel SpreadSheet. You will then see the download appear in the bottom left corner of your screen.

    Download results
    Note: You will not be able to filter the class schedule data before downloading the Excel SpreadSheet. Once you download the SpreadSheet, you will be able to filter by any of the columns.


Note: Your screen may look different from the screenshots in this article.

As part of the my.SDSU transition, the campus will move to a new identification numbering system. Although the new ID numbers will be issued to all new admits (starting Fall 2023), previously issued identification numbers will remain in my.SDSU--referred to as the Local Campus ID.

Faculty, staff, and students who entered the SDSU system before Fall 2023 will continue to use their Local Campus ID (which begins with 8) to access university services. These populations will also be assigned an ID (which begins with 1.)

Faculty, staff, and students entering the system after Fall 2023 will only be assigned an ID.

This article covers how to look up the ID, as this identification number will be critical when searching for student information or student records - most pages in my.SDSU will require the ID number.

Eventually, SDSU will transition to the ID number in order to search for student information and records.


  • IDs start with a 1.
  • ID will be generated once an admissions application is posted to my.SDSU

SDSU ID Card with ID that starts with 1

Local Campus ID

RedIDs (which begin with 8) will be phased out over time, starting with new admits for Fall 2023.

SDSU Staff id starting with the number 8


Watch Tutorial

View Time | 1:20 Mins 

Watch this video to learn how to locate the student identification number.

How do I look up the student ID?

search bar to look up students highlighting id and local campus id

After signing-into my.SDSU, from your home screen:

  1. Select on the NavBar > Navigator
  2. Select Campus Community > Student Services Ctr (Student)

    Note: Student Services Ctr (Student) is recommended as this searches just student records (while Student Services Center link contains both staff and student information)

    Student Services Center links

  3. Enter the student’s identification number or letters of last and first name and select Search.
  4. After selecting Search, the Student Center page will appear. The ID will be located at the top of the page next to the student’s name. The new ID will begin with a 1. With the ID, you can search and update student information and records.

ID at the top of Search Results Page

my.SDSU Project

For general project inquiries, contact us at [email protected] To get immediate help, please choose the appropriate support link to the right.

We're Here to Help!

Need help finding help? Access “just-in-time” support or connect with a my.SDSU expert.