How Do I Add a Class to the Shopping Cart?

December 19, 2022


Note: Your screen may look different from the screenshots in this article.Use the Manage Classes tile to search the SDSU Class Schedule and add classes to your shopping cart.


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Watch this video to learn about adding class to the shopping cart.

How to Add a Class to the Shopping Cart

Class Search

  1. Select the Manage Classes tile and use the Class Search and Enroll option to search for courses. Refer to the Class Search Guide for instructions.

Manage Classes

Add a Course to the Shopping Cart

  1. Hover over the course and select the course, or select the > icon on the right side of the course.

Class Search and Enroll

  1. Choose your Waitlist preference and select Accept.
    1. Before your enrollment date, your class will be added to your shopping cart when you complete these steps.
      Review Class Preferences
    2. During your enrollment dates, Enroll and Add to Shopping Cart selections will also appear in this step.
      View During Enrollment Date
      Note: For classes with variable units, you will also be asked to select the number of units you are taking the class for when you enroll in a class or add a class to your Shopping Cart. Contact your instructor if you are not sure how many units to select.
  1. Review your course selection and preferences and select Submit

Review and Submit

  1. Once submitted, a notification will appear confirming that the course has been added to the Shopping Cart.


View Your Shopping Cart

  1. Select the Shopping Cart option in the left menu.
  2. Check the box next to one or more courses.
  3. Options once checked:
          a. Enroll - this button is available during your enrollment dates.
          b. Delete - remove a course from your shopping cart.
          c. Validate - check course for conflicts such as class meeting time or prerequisite.

View Shopping Cart

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