How Do I Access the Faculty Center?

September 17, 2022


Note: Your screen may look different from the screenshots in this guide.

The Faculty Center tab enables you to view your teaching schedule, check class rosters, record grades, and more. This guide will cover how to access general information in the Faculty Center. 


Watch Tutorial

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Watch this video to learn about the Faculty Center. 

Access Your Faculty Center

To access your Faculty Center, follow these steps:

  1. Log into my.SDSU.
  2. Select the Faculty Center tile. 


Your Faculty Center

The Faculty Center is organized into three subtabs: My Schedule, Class Roster, and Grade Roster. Active tabs have bold text. 

In the image below, the Faculty Center – My Schedule page is active.

Faculty Center tab has three subtabs: My Schedule, Class Roster, Grade Roster

My Teaching Schedule contains your scheduled class enrollment information — such as course ID, session, and enrollment information —as well as links to class and grade rosters where available. 

The Class Roster tab appears to the left of the class as students enroll into your class.

The Grade Roster allows you to submit grades for all students. The process is similar to our previous method. Additional information will be shared in a separate tutorial. 

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