How Do I View Class Rosters?

September 17, 2022


The Faculty Center contains three subtabs that assist with organizing course information and enrollment: My Schedule, Class Roster, and Grade Roster.

This guide will cover the Class Roster, which allows instructors to view the students who are enrolled in a class, have dropped a class, or are on the waitlist for a class.


Note: Your screen may look different from the screenshots in this article.In your Faculty Center, as students enroll into your classes, the Class Roster icon  will appear to the left of the class.Class Roster icon (three people)Class Roster icon

  1. To view a roster, select the Class Roster icon next to a class displayed in your My Schedule.

    Select Class Roster icon

  2. To view dropped students, select the Dropped option from the Enrollment Status drop-down menu to view students who have dropped your course.

    Dropped option from Enrollment status
  3. If any students have dropped a specific class, select the Dropped option from the Enrollment Status drop-down menu to view them.

    Select "Dropped" to view dropped students.

  4. To sort the roster in ascending order by any column title, select that column header such as Name. Select Name again to sort the roster in descending order by student name.

    Other sorting features include ID, Grade Basis, Units, Program and Plan, Academic Level, Grade Date (Dt), and Incomplete Grade Assignment.

    Organize class roster by Name Column.

    Note: You can sort by any of the fields including ID, Name, Grade Basis, Units, Program and Plan, Academic Level,  Add Dt, Grade Dt, and Incomplete Grade Assignment.
  5. To download the roster and view in Excel, select the Excel Export icon:

    Export to Excel icon

  6. To print your class roster, at the bottom of the page, select Printer Friendly Version. Select the Print option from your browser window.

    Select "Print Friendly Version" of your class roster.

    Note: If your Class Roster does not appear, your department has not yet assigned you to your class or classes. Please contact your departmental administrator.

  7. When you are finished, select Change Class to return to the Faculty Center.
    Change Class to return to faculty center
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