How Do I Download Form 1098-T?

January 31, 2023


Note: Your screen may look different from the screenshots in this article.

Form 1098-T is prepared annually and posted online at the end of January.

To view the Form 1098-T:

  1. Sign into my.SDSU and select Financial Account.
  2. Select 1098-T to view and download the form.

Student Account Services has a Tax Information page that explains how to obtain your 1098-T.  

If you have further questions about your 1098-T, please visit Student Account Services. Select the Student Financial Center link that leads to their virtual desk. 

Note: You will only be able to view your 1098-T in my.SDSU if you are a current student. If you are not a current student and need to view your 1098-T, please contact Student Account Services.


  1. On the my.SDSU homepage, select the Financial Account tile.


  1. Your consent is needed to view the 10 electronically. If you have already submitted the consent form, select View 1098-T from the drop-down menu and skip to Step 5. If you have not already submitted the consent form, select Consent for 1098-T from the drop-down menu. 


  1. On the 1098-T Consent Agreement page, check the box next to Yes, I have read the agreement and select Submit.


  1. You will then be brought to the 1098-T Consent Confirmation page informing you that you are now able to view your 1098-T. Select the View 1098-T form from the menu.


  1. On the View 1098-T page, select the Tax Year hyperlink to download your 1098-T.


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