How Do I Find My Classes for a Specific Term?

December 29, 2022


Note: Your screen may look different from the screenshots in this article.

my.SDSU will automatically display the current term's courses. Use the "Change Term" button to view the next semester's courses.

Change Term Button


  1. Select the Faculty Center to begin:

    Faculty Center

  2. Under the tab My Schedule view the current term listed. By default, My Schedule will always show the current semester.

In this example, the current semester is “Fall 2022 | San Diego State University.”

To change the term, select the button
Change Term.

Change Term

  1. Next select your desired term then select Continue.

    In this example, the term “Spring 2023” is selected.

    Select Term

  2. Finally, in the My Schedule tab, confirm you are in the correct term.

    In this example, “Spring 2023 | San Diego State University” is now listed.

    Review Changes
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