How Do I Access & Download the Public Class Schedule?

November 18, 2022


The Public Class Schedule contains class information for the upcoming semester and is available to download from the my.SDSU website.


  1. Go to and select my.SDSU - Login Here on the top right of the page. my.SDSU portal login
  2. Select the Manage Classes tile. Manage Classes
  3. On the top left of the page, select Download Class Schedule to open the downloadable Schedule of Classes in a new browser tab. Download Class Schedule
  4. Enter your desired criteria for the schedule search. The only required field is Term.

    You can select the magnifying glass Magnifying glass icon icon to search for a Term.

    Magnifying glass to look up term
    From the list of terms, choose the term you would like to search on by selecting the blue 4-digit term value next to the Description.

    Select term

    Fill in as many of the [Optional] fields as you would like and select View Results.

    Enter Public Schedule Filters
  5. The results will appear in the same page below the search criteria. This report may take a moment to load.

    To manipulate the data, you will need to download the report in Excel. Select Excel SpreadSheet next to Download results in: above the report results. Download Excel Results

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