How Do I Request An Administrative Enrollment Drop?

November 15, 2022


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An administrative enrollment drop is initiated when a Faculty Member requests that a student be dropped from a class. Per Senate Policy, Faculty can submit a request for an administrative enrollment drop from a course for the following reasons:

  1. The student is not in attendance at the first class meeting and is also 
    not present at the start of the second class meeting.

  2. To enforce a prerequisite:
    • Student reporting: Students who question if they have completed the prerequisite shall notify the instructor by the end of the second week of class so that the instructor may determine whether the student has completed the equivalent of the prerequisite.
    • If Faculty wants to confirm prerequisites have been met, the Faculty Member could ask all students to show a copy of their unofficial transcript or degree evaluation demonstrating completion of the requisite.

Visit the Registrar's Registration page for more information on administrative drops and schedule adjustment deadlines.

Need to Provide Student Support?

If you are helping a student who would like to drop a class, please share the drop classes guide with them.

Administrative Drop Process Overview:

  1. Faculty submit an Administrative Drop Request Form via the OnBase system, available through my.SDSU → Faculty Forms. 

    The Administrative Drop Request Form is open between the first day of class and the 8th day of instruction.

  2. Staff access a queue of drop requests for their unit through OnBase, verify the information on the form, and verify if the students have already dropped the course via self-service.

  3. Designated college or unit staff process the drop.

  4. Staff mark the drop request as processed in OnBase, which notifies students they have been dropped.

This guide provides instructions to Faculty who would like to request an administrative drop.


  1. Navigate to Faculty Forms tile in my.SDSU.
    Faculty Forms tile highlighted

    Note: the Faculty Forms tile will be available in my.SDSU through the 8th day of instruction

  2. Select Administrative Drop Request Form.
    Screenshot: link to Administrative Drop Request Form

  3. Selecting the Administrative Drop Request Form will automatically launch the form in OnBase, which is an online portal separate from my.SDSU.
    The OnBase page form information will be linked to your my.SDSU profile and will show all of your classes for the current term.
    Select Course screen in OnBase

  4. Select the course you want to remove students from and select Add to find students.
    OnBase Course screen with Add highlighted

  5. After selecting Add, the student roster will appear. Select the students you would like to drop from the class.
    OnBase Student Roster screen

  6. For each selected student, identify a Drop Type (reason) from the menu. When you have finished, select Submit.
    OnBase Drop Type highlighted

  7. After submitting the request, your department coordinator will receive the completed form with the information needed to drop the selected students from your class. 

    Once your department coordinator has processed the OnBase form, the student will receive an email notification that they have been dropped from the course.

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