How Do I Manage General Permission Numbers?

January 17, 2023


Class permissions are numbers associated with classes that are assigned to students for enrollment purposes. In the Faculty Center under the My Teaching Schedule table, the Permission Numbers will display after a Permission Number is assigned to a student.

Class permission timetable

If a course requires instructor consent, students will need to obtain permission to enroll in the class. Permissions can be granted by providing students with General Permission Numbers.

General Permission numbers require that a permission code is generated and the unique permission code is given to students individually. Students will then enter this code in my.SDSU when enrolling in the course.

Permission Number Type Usage Responsible for Enrolling with Permission?
General Permission Number Generate specific permission numbers that are given to each student to allow them to enroll in a course. Student

Please note that the course must be configured to allow for permissions to be added. 

Need to Provide Student Support?

Students will need to enroll in the class after you provide them with the class number and permission code. If you are helping a student enroll in your class with the permission code, please share the student permission code guide with them. If the student still cannot enroll, please contact your department scheduler.


  1. Navigate to and select my.SDSU - Login Here, located on the top right corner of the page.

    my.SDSU Login Link on

  2. From the my.SDSU Homepage, select the Faculty Center tile.

    Faculty Center Tile

The easiest way to access the Permission Numbers is in the My Schedule subtab in the My Teaching Schedule table. Select the Class Permissions icon next to the class to access Permission Numbers for that class. 

Class Permissions in My Schedule table 

Permissions Page

On the General Permissions page, faculty can obtain the Permission Number. The Permission Number is located in the Class Permission Numbers in the Number column.

Faculty must provide individual students with a Permission Number. Students will then need to use the Permission Number when enrolling in the course. 

Permissions table populated

Faculty may track whether students have used their assigned Permission Number under the Status column of the Class Permission Number table.

In the example above, the listed Status of Permission Number "766853" is Used

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