How Do I View My Registration Window?

September 2, 2022


Every year, all SDSU students will receive a registration window to sign up for their upcoming semester's courses. This includes undergraduate, Global Campus, and graduate students. Instead of WebPortal, this process will now occur in my.SDSU. In order to view your registration window, please follow the instructions.


  1. Log in to my.SDSU and select the Manage Classes tile from the Self-Service Student Center (the my.SDSU homepage).

    Manage Classes

  2. Choose Enrollment Appointments from the left hand sidebar.


  3. Choose the term for which you wish to register. Please pay attention to the start and end dates for the registration window.

    Registration windows for San Diego and Imperial Valley will appear under the
    Regular Academic Session.

    Enrollment Appointments section showcases "Appointment Begins" and "Appointment Ends"

    Global Campus registration windows will appear under Special Sessions.

    Enrollment Appointments for Global Campus appear under "Special Sessions".

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