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    Spring 2024 Registration Tips

    We have made it through the first initial week of Spring Registration and would like to share the following tips and resources to make the registration process as smooth as possible over the next few weeks for both you and the students that you support.

  • Incomplete Agreement Form

    How Do I Manage Incompletes?

    my.SDSU allows faculty to assign a grade of Incomplete to qualified students. Upon assignment of an Incomplete, faculty will be prompted to fill out an Incomplete Agreement, which is viewable by both the student and faculty member. Learn how to manage Incomplete grades in my.SDSU.

  • How Do I Set Up a Class with Student Specific Permissions?

    How Do I Set Up a Class with Student Specific Permissions?

    Student Specific Permissions are used during the entire registration period for classes that require permission to register, which may include independent study, directed study thesis, internships, etc. Student Specific Permission can be assigned before the registration period begins and can be used by a student once their registration window opens through the Schedule Adjustment deadline.

  • Managing Class Permissions

    How Do I Manage Student Specific Permissions?

    Student Specific Permissions require that a faculty or a department representative add the student's ID directly to the list of allowed students in the course. When generating student-specific permissions, no permission codes will be generated or distributed. Learn how faculty manage student specific permissions.

  • Student Feedback Survey

    How Do I Submit Student Feedback Surveys?

    Student Feedback Surveys provide an opportunity for students to evaluate their classes and professors. Students can access Student Feedback Surveys through Canvas.

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    How Do I Search for Classes?

    Use the Manage Classes tile to search for courses. Learn how to search for classes using the advanced search features and filters. In addition to the Manage Classes tile, you may also search the Public Class Schedule.

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    How Do I Access Unofficial Transcripts?

    This guide provides steps for accessing students’ unofficial transcripts through the my.SDSU Advisor Center.

  • Tuition and fee balance in Peoplesoft

    How Do I Pay Basic Tuition and Fees?

    Effective Fall 2022, SDSU will be transitioning to a singular portal: my.SDSU, that will streamline the enrollment, registration, financial aid and student accounts processes.

  • Manage Classes tile in my.SDSU homepage

    How Do I View My Registration Window?

    Every year, all SDSU students will receive a registration window to sign up for their upcoming semester's courses.

  • View grades button in Peoplesoft

    How Do I View My Grades?

    Along with viewing their course history, students can view their grades as well in my.SDSU.

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