How Do I View My Grades?

September 2, 2022


Along with viewing their course history, students can view their grades as well in my.SDSU.


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Watch this video to learn about viewing grades. 

How to View Grades

In order to view your grades, you will use the Academic Records tile.

  1. First, log in to my.SDSU using your SDSUiD.
  2. Select the Academic Records tile.

    my.SDSU Home Page with Academic Records tile surrounded by red box

  3. Use the View Grades link on the left hand side bar and select the term you wish to view grades for (ex. Fall 2022).

    my.SDSU View Grades Button

  4. You are now able to view grades for the select academic term and career. If you wish to change the term for which you are viewing grades, use the Change button in the top left corner and change the term.

    my.SDSU Change Grade Term Button

  5. If you wish to view your Term GPA or your Cumulative GPA, please follow the instructions below.

    my.SDSU Change GPA View Type - Cumulative or Term GPA

  6. To view your Term GPA - the GPA for a given term - select the Term GPA button and a box will populate for the particular academic term.

    Term GPA View

  7. To view your Cumulative GPA - your overall GPA at SDSU - select the Cumulative GPA button and a box will populate for your academic career.

    Note: For students continuing their education at SDSU (ie. former undergraduate students pursuing a graduate degree), you will be able to see cumulative GPAs for each career (undergraduate and graduate).

    my.SDSU Cumulative GPA view

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