How Do I View Student Information?

August 23, 2022


The Campus Community’s Student Services Center allows staff members to look up student records and update student information based on staff’s individual access level.

Staff can find information about:

  • Registration
  • Student To-do’s
  • Service indicators: positive or negative (generally holds to a student’s record), e.g., student owes a fee to the library or student is on the dean’s list
  • Biographical and Demographic data: student personal information


Note: Your screen may look different from the screenshots in this article.

Watch Tutorial

View Time | 2:58 Mins

Watch this video to learn how to search and view student information.

After signing-into my.SDSU, from your home screen:

  1. Select NavBar
  2. Select Navigator
  3. Select Campus Community
  4. Select Student Services Ctr (Student)

    Note: Student Services Ctr (Student) is recommended as this searches just student records (while Student Services Center link contains both staff and student information).
    Student Services Center Menu

  5. Enter the student’s ID or begin typing the letters of the last and first name. The search results will immediately populate without typing the full name.

    Select Search

    Note: There may be students with similar spellings. Once you have located the desired student from the search results, select the name to open the Student Services Center.

    Note: ID: starts with “1”
    Local Campus ID: starts with “8”
    Student ID Lookup

  6. This is an example view of Jason Mamoa’s Student Center.
    Note: Students will have a different view of their Student Center.

Student Center Example

  1. Student’s RedID: In my.SDSU, the student RedID will be based on existing and incoming students
  2. Service Indicator: Service indicators have positive or negative impacts on student accounts. Service indicators may be accessed via the Student Service Center.
  3. Tab Bar: Utilize the tabs to quickly navigate to pages such as Academics or Financial Aid.
  4. Academics: The academics section displays the student’s enrollment for the current session if enrollment exists. You can drill down further into the class to get information such as location, time, and other information as it pertains to the classes.
  5. Finances: Financial information regarding money owed or credits displays here if the student has balance information calculated.
  6. Personal Information: Contact information for the student displays via the links labeled Demographic Data and Emergency Contact provide additional information.
  7. Admissions: The Admissions section displays information regarding the student’s admissions application.
  8. Sidebar: The sidebar contains several sections such as Advisor information, Holds, To Do items, etc.
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