Spring 2024 Registration Tips

November 6, 2023
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Hello Advising Community,

Happy November!  We have made it through the first initial week of Spring Registration and would like to share the following tips and resources to make the registration process as smooth as possible over the next few weeks for both you and the students that you support.   

Here are a list of resources that students may find helpful:

Here are a list of resources that Advisors/Faculty/Staff may find helpful:

If a student is encountering difficulty registering for a course, please have them take a screenshot of the error message and try the following solutions:

  1. Is it a course that has a corequisite with another course? If so, please have the student register for both courses through the shopping cart, and then enroll in them together at the same time, to avoid the error. Courses with corequisites are highlighted on the Spring 2024 Enforced Prerequisite list for easy reference.
  2. Does the student have a course on their degree evaluation that clearly satisfies the prerequisite, but the student continues to receive the error? Please file a Registration Exception Memo to override the error.
  3. Does the student have a Registrar hold (RAD hold)? Please have the student file a leave of absence to become eligible for Spring 2024 registration.
  4. Does the course have a note “Department Consent Required”? Please direct the student to have their my.SDSU ID registered in the course with the department before attempting to register.   

We appreciate the support that you provide to our students and community. We hope that the tips and resources above are helpful to you. Please contact our office if you have any questions. Thank you!

Office of the Registrar

San Diego State University

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