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  • How Do I Schedule a Query?

    How Do I Schedule a Query?

    In the my.SDSU portal, staff with specific roles are able to schedule reports, which are called Queries in my.SDSU. This guide will take you through the process of scheduling any Query.

  • How Do I Run the Course Demand Report?

    How Do I Run the Course Demand Report?

    The Course Demand Report is commonly used to assess how many students have enrolled in a course and how many students selected the course in their shopping carts. In my.SDSU, you will be able to pull up the report directly on the webpage and also export it to Excel in order to view and analyze the data.

  • Managing Class Permissions

    How Do I Manage Student Specific Permissions?

    Student Specific Permissions require that a faculty or a department representative add the student's ID directly to the list of allowed students in the course. When generating student-specific permissions, no permission codes will be generated or distributed. Learn how staff manage student specific permissions.

  • Managing Class Permissions

    How Do I Manage General Permission Numbers?

    General permission numbers require that a permission code is generated and the unique permission code is given to students individually. Students will then enter this code in my.SDSU when enrolling in the course. Learn how staff manage general permission numbers.

  • Access & Download the Public Class Schedule

    How Do I Access & Download the Public Class Schedule?

    Nov 18

    From the my.SDSU Portal, you can download an Excel spreadsheet containing information on all classes being offered in the upcoming semester. The report contains Class Numbers, Catalog Numbers, Titles, Class Sections, Meeting Start and End Times, and more!

  • Logging into my.SDSU

    How Do I Log in to my.SDSU Portal?

    my.SDSU is role-based. If you hold multiple roles on campus, such as faculty and advisor, you’ll have access to features that support faculty and advisor tasks.

  • placeholder

    What are my.SDSU Homepage Tiles?

    Learn about the my.SDSU Homepage tiles.

  • Clear Cache

    How Do I Clear My Browser Cache?

    To resolve some issues, a hard browser page refresh may be needed. The following shows how to do a hard refresh in Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Safari.

  • How to Open an Incognito/Private Browsing Window

    How Do I Open an Incognito/Private Browsing Window?

    You may need to use private browsing or incognito mode on your browser. The following details how to find this mode in Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Safari.

  • Navigating the class feature thumbnail

    How Do I Search for Classes?

    Use the Manage Classes tile to search for courses. Learn how to search for classes using the advanced search features and filters. In addition to the Manage Classes tile, you may also search the Public Class Schedule.

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