How Do I Log in to my.SDSU?

August 1, 2022


This guide will show you how to log into my.SDSU and reviews the functions of the homepage tiles.


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Watch this video to learn about logging in to my.SDSU.

How to Log In to my.SDSU

Log on to my.SDSU

  1. Go to and select my.SDSU - Login Here on the top right of the page.


  1. On the next page, enter your SDSUid (which is the same as your SDSU email address) and password. You will then be asked to complete the DUO authentication process.


  1. Choose whether you want to stay signed in.


Note: If you are already logged into an SDSU application, like Canvas or Gmail, you may not be prompted to log in with your SDSUid or use DUO to authenticate your account.

my.SDSU Homepage and Tiles Navigation

The tiles on your student homepage are the easiest way to navigate around my.SDSU. After logging in to my.SDSU, you will see the following tiles:


  1. my.SDSU Student Guides & Resources
  2. Financial Aid
  3. Degree Evaluation
  4. SDSU Navigate
  5. Academic Records
  6. Financial Account
  7. Manage Classes
  8. Profile
  9. Tasks

my.SDSU Student Guides & Resources

  1. Select the my.SDSU Student Guides & Resources tile to be directed to the Student Resources page.

  2. Select All Student Guides on the Student Guides & Resources page to be directed to the Student Training Guides page.

Financial Aid

  1. Select the Financial Aid tile to view and accept your financial aid awards.
  2. For more information, please see the guides on accepting a financial aid award and submitting financial aid verification documents.

Degree Evaluation

  1. Select the Degree Evaluation tile to be directed to the degree evaluation website, where you can see how close you are to completing your degree.

SDSU Navigate

  1. Select the SDSU Navigate tile to be directed to the SDSU Navigate site, where you can make appointments with advisors, counselors, or deans.

Academic Records

  1. Select the Academic Records tile to:
    1. View your grades.
    2. Order unofficial transcripts.
    3. Order official transcripts.
    4. View your class schedule and course history.
    5. Apply for graduation.


Financial Account

  1. Select the Financial Account tile to:
    1. Make a payment.
    2. View charges and past payments.
    3. Set up an alternate payer.
    4. View financial aid awards.
    5. Sign up for direct deposit.
    6. Download the Form 1098-T.

Manage Classes

  1. Select the Manage Classes tile to:
    1. View your registration window and class schedule.
    2. Search for and filter classes.
    3. Add a class to the shopping cart. 
    4. Enroll from the shopping cart.
    5. Drop a class.
    6. Enroll in a class using student specific permissions or a general permission number.


  1. Select the Profile tile to view and update your personal information.


  1. Select the Tasks tile to see how many To Do items you have to complete.


  2. If you have not been assigned any tasks, the tile will show No current tasks.

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