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As SDSU transitions to my.SDSU, the my.SDSU Project Team has created this page for parents, guardians and families to receive guidance on how my.SDSU will impact their students.

my.SDSU is aimed at improving the student experience throughout all SDSU students' careers during their time at San Diego State University. To that end, my.SDSU will change the Aztec Parents, Family and Guardian experience by changing how students and their families access student accounts and charges information.

It is critical that you work with your student as partners to verify that all of their (and your) information is correct. You will not have the same access to my.SDSU as you may have had in WebPortal, so please plan to work closely with your student in understanding their admissions, financial aid, financial account and registration and enrollment information.


Starting in Fall 2023, applicants to SDSU will log into my.SDSU to view their application status.

Financial Accounts (Tuition & Fees)

Starting with the Fall 2022 semester, SDSU is switching to a post-pay model, which means that students will pay their basic tuition and fees AFTER enrolling for their upcoming semester's courses.

  • Note: The process through which parents and families pay tuition and fees has changed. Parents and families will no longer have access to view a student's charges, financial aid or required documents.

    • A student will have to send their parent/guardian a new alternative payer invitation through CashNet via my.SDSU. Instructions are as follows:
      • Log into my.SDSU and select the Financial Account tab.
      • Select Make a Payment.
      • This will route you to the correct Transact (formerly CashNet) interface.
      • Make the payment for your student. Instructions on how to make payments can be found on the Student Account Services website.
      • Note 1: If you make payments on behalf of your student, you need to be set up as an alternate payer. Your student can send an alternative payer account invitation (directions here) under the My Account tab. The email associated with the alternative payer invitation will get an email from Transact (formerly CashNet) informing them of their username and temporary password.

      • For more information on payment plans, 529 plans, tuition, fees and important deadlines, visit the Student Account Services website.

Financial Aid

  • Starting with the Fall 2022 semester, all SDSU students will see their financial aid awards in my.SDSU.
  • Note: Make sure that your student indicated San Diego State University as their number one school on the FAFSA and California Dream Act application.
  • If your student has outstanding Tasks on their my.SDSU To-Do List (found through the Tasks tile), they may not see their financial aid award. Make sure your student submits required documents via my.SDSU as soon as possible. Additionally, if your student is selected for verification, they will need to use my.SDSU to submit any required documents.

Enrollment and Registration

  • Students will use my.SDSU to register for classes starting Spring 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I have access to my student's detailed financial account information in my.SDSU like I did in WebPortal?
    • Parents and families will no longer have access to view a student's charges, financial aid or to-dos. Students and their families will need to work together to view information regarding anything financial account or financial aid related.
  • Why are we reducing parents and families' access to my.SDSU?
    • The change to my.SDSU is aimed to increase financial literacy across the SDSU community. Through this change, we will empower our students to take the responsibility for their financial account and financial aid.
  • How can I inform SDSU of a scholarship award?
    • To provide maximum benefit to the student and coordinate your award with the student's financial aid package, notify SDSU of the award via email before you send the funds.
    • When you have accepted an award, please inform the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships via email at [email protected]. Please include the following in your email:
      • Student's name
      • Student's ID Number (in my.SDSU) or RedID (ID Number found on ID Card)
      • Scholarship amount
      • Semester or academic year for which the scholarship is intended

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